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About us

Josh Hargett

Josh is one of the cohosts of L1S.

His hobbies include working out, programming, retro gaming, and tinkering with tech toys. When he's not doing one of those things, he likes to spend time with his fiance, Jillian and his dog, Rocky.

Josh is an avid movie watcher, and can probably name the movie from any quote you give him. He's a self professed 80's action flick aficionado, and will watch anything Arnold Schwarzenegger is starring in.

Dave Schermerhorn

Dave is the other cohost of L1S.

His personal interests include all things computers and the most current technologies. When he’s not tinkering with that, you’ll find him at the movies or out in the garage building his latest carpentry project.

From oilfield “roughneck” to professional wrestler to technology enthusiast, Dave could be considered a jack of all trades. There is no project too big or too small for this do it yourselfer.